Gapla - German-Australian-Pacific-Lawyers Association


to the German-Australian-Pacific Lawyers Association (GAPLA)!

GAPLA is a non-profit association registered in Germany with main offices and headquarters in Frankfurt / Main and Sydney.

Our members work in various legal fields; some are lawyers in private practice, while others are academics, work as in-house counsel or are just starting out in the profession. Some members are specialized in the field of tax advice, auditing and patent law. Taking this broad field of legal expertise among GAPLA members into account, conferences and meetings can be implemented annually. GAPLA enables its members to exchange ideas and information while also providing members with the opportunity to meet colleagues from the other side of the world. We also encourage lawyers from New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands as well as other German speaking European countries, such as Austria and Switzerland, to participate. Currently, GAPLA has 120 members from 7 different countries.

A cosmopolitan point of view assures the attractiveness of our conferences while offering a social meeting point for colleagues deriving from different parts of the world. From a regional standpoint, we specifically address those from New Zealand and the South Pacific Island States, but as well as the German speaking Europe. Furthermore, we kindly invite those who bring about an international orientation especially from the European Member States.

Two conferences are held annually; one “Down Under” in Australia or New Zealand / South Pacific Islands and another in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The topics of the conferences are wide-ranging and are particularly aimed at lawyers interested in international legal issues. The conferences and seminars enable members to share their experiences with other lawyers. The chance to meet and speak directly with more experienced members in a relaxed environment is especially valued by our younger colleagues. All GAPLA members are welcome to suggest presenters and topics for the conferences and meetings, and to actively participate in GAPLA’s affairs. We would be pleased if you were to join our organisation and look forward to your involvement with GAPLA.


Your GAPLA Team