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Topic: Media Law

hotel reservation: Hotel Hoppers, Brüsseler Str. 26, Cologne
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Spring Conference 2019

Media and Entertainment - creativity under the legal microscope

Few business areas have been exposed to as fundamental changes as the international music, television, and film industries have gone through during the past 20 years. Names and terms like “Napster” and mp3 - the industry-challenging digital audio converter developed by the German Fraunhofer Institute - were feared by the recording industry of the late 1990´s and early 2000´s, just as much as the CompactCassette had been feared upon its market introduction in the early 1970´s. In 2003, it was a computer maker - not a record company - who first turned the principal of non-physical music sales into a functioning business model. Meanwhile again, students do not exchange albums any more or even hard disks on the school yard, but instead exchange the playlists to their respective audio streaming subscriptions. By now, platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, as well as the online services of classic television networks, have re-defined the habits of consumers of moving images as well.

All of these areas share the fact that they are almost worthless without their creative content: the song and its recording, the script and the movie based on it. Artists and other creatives must find their place for their creative “babies” within these gravity fields of different interests. Often, this constitutes a very personal and emotional process.

GAPLA´s autumn 2018 conference will deal with legal implications of using and exploiting the results of creative works. The conference will cover an excerpt of diverse parts and legal aspects of the areas of music, film, and television.

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